Central Air Conditioning Service Plan

Our name may be “Surner Heating Co.,” but we’re no stranger to high-quality air conditioning services to keep your home comfortable regardless of the season. To make your A/C service simpler and more cost effective, we’ve developed a comprehensive air conditioning service plan. View the details of the agreement below and contact us when you’re ready to simplify your cooling routine.


Enjoy Comprehensive Comfort

Our Central A/C Service Plan includes the following coverage:

  • Annual Safety Check & Efficiency Tune-Up
  • 15% discount on all service repairs
  • Priority service & scheduling
  • $200 toward the installation of a new system through Surner Heating!

Although we do not offer any mini-split maintenance plans, we do offer annual PMI and do recommend a DEEP cleaning every two to three years. Please call for more information. 


Combine our A/C Service Plan with any of the following and SAVE $25!

  • Multiple Units
  • Propane Service Plan
  • Gold or Silver Oil Heat Service Plans


5 Reasons to Enroll in a Service Plan

There are a number of reasons why local homeowners choose a service plan over piecemeal technician appointments. Here are several that we hear frequently via customer reviews and other feedback:

Annual tune-ups reduce yearly cooling costs by 10% or more.

The service plan includes annual A/C tune-up and costs only a little more than the standalone service. The efficiency boost alone will cover the difference!

You’ll use less electricity cooling your home each year.

Electric bills aren’t cheap. We’ll get your bills as low as possible without requiring you to sacrifice your cool comfort. Plus, less electricity used = a smaller carbon footprint.

You have security knowing we have your needs covered.

Priority service means we’ll be at your home as soon as possible if you need a repair or replacement. You jump the queue to get to the front of the line during our regular business hours.

Enjoy premium discounts on parts and service.

Along with your annual tune-up and priority service, the plan includes 15% off any repairs or parts  your A/C needs to function as it should. Those savings can add up quickly in the event of a breakdown.

Get major credit toward your next A/C installation.

The final benefit our customers consistently rave about is the $200 credit you get when it’s time to retire your old system and install a new one. That’s a pretty penny you’ll have the opportunity to save.