Bioheat® Fuel Oil Delivery

When it comes to home heating oil delivery in the Hampshire and Franklin County areas, you can count on Surner Heating Co. for reliable and efficient deliveries of the high-quality fuel you need. Plus, all of our deliveries are priced competitively, meaning you can get dependable fuel oil at a fair price that won’t break your home comfort budget. Need to order home heating oil for your Massachusetts property? You can do so in seconds online by clicking the button below!



We are pleased to deliver to customers using fuel assistance!

About Our Fuel

We are pleased to deliver B10 Bioheat® fuel, which is a blend of 10% renewable biodiesel and 90% ultra-low sulfur heating oil. This blend produces fewer emissions than traditional oil but works seamlessly in your current equipment, requiring no expensive modifications. Take advantage of our Bioheat® fuel delivery to your Massachusetts hometown by choosing your delivery preference below.

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Automatic Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Automatic delivery is the most popular delivery method for our customers. When you choose auto delivery, our team will manage your fuel levels (at no extra cost) and fill your tank when we calculate that it’s running low. This takes fuel management off your plate and significantly reduces the risk of a fuel runout. To enroll, contact us!


Will-Call Bioheat® Fuel Delivery

Prefer to manage your own home heating oil deliveries? Of course, we are happy to serve all will-call customers who wish to place online orders for fuel deliveries as needed. Simply check your fuel oil storage tank gauge regularly and place an order by the time the fuel gauge reaches 1/4 capacity. This will give you plenty of fuel until your high-quality fuel delivery arrives at your Massachusetts home.


Discount Heating Oil Delivery

Get our very best price!

If you’re looking for will-call Bioheat® heating fuel delivery at our very best price, we recommend ordering from our discount branch, Surner Discount Oil. This site provides the same great fuel, but since business is conducted entirely online, we are able to transfer our lower overhead costs directly to you in the form of savings. Visit to learn more and place your discount fuel order today.