24/7 Emergency Heating Service

Not only is a heat-out emergency cause for discomfort on a cold night, it also poses serious risks to your family’s and home’s safety. If you find yourself in a no-heat emergency on a night, weekend, or during regular business hours, we’ve got you covered. When you need emergency heating service, be sure to call us.

Do not use our online forms if you require emergency heating service. Instead, call us directly in Amherst at (413) 253-5999 or Greenfield at (413) 773-5999. Our phone is monitored around the clock and is therefore the fastest way to reach us.


How to Reduce the Risk of a Winter Heating Emergency

There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of an emergency. Here are tips from our fuel delivery experts:

  • Enroll in automatic fuel refills for your heating oil or propane deliveries
  • Install a programmable thermostat to keep the temperature stable while you’re away
  • Schedule tune-ups for your heating equipment each year
  • Upgrade your heating equipment when it’s 15 years or older
  • Enroll in a service plan to help keep your maintenance organized and consistent
  • If you aren’t on automatic delivery, set a weekly calendar reminder to check your tank gauge
  • Get a house-sitter to drop by while you’re away to check your tank gauge and alert you to reorder as necessary

Here for You, No Matter What

If your heat stops working during the cold season, please give us a call to let us know; we’ll collect as much information as possible and dispatch a serviceperson to your property as soon as possible. We appreciate your trust in Surner Heating Co. as your go-to fuel delivery and HVAC service provider, as we work hard every day to keep your property safe and warm.