The MA Clean Heat Standard Threatens Your Energy Choice

Here’s what your MA state government wants to do:

  • Tax your heating oil and natural gas bills
  • Force you to replace your oil or gas furnace with a heat pump, costing you thousands
  • Take away your right to choose your energy source

Contact your local state representatives

What Is the MA Clean Heat Standard?

The MA Clean Heat Standard is climate activism designed to contribute to the Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Plan for 2025 and 2030. The program will help the state meet the emissions limit for residential, commercial, and industrial heating. The negative impacts that this legislation will have on you as a homeowner or business owner are substantial, and we want you to be informed about what your government would like to do to your energy choice.

Downsides to the MA Clean Heat Standard

Unfortunately, enactment of the Clean Heat Standard will dramatically affect homeowners and business owners in Massachusetts who are currently using heating oil and even renewable blends like Bioheat® fuel. As the program aims to encourage widespread electrification, availability of and support for heating oil and other delivered fuels will decrease steadily.

A Great Loss for Heating Oil Customers

A switch to total electrification would be a great loss for more than half a million homeowners in the state of Massachusetts. As a reminder, many people love the use of heating oil and Bioheat® blends for the following reasons:

  • Oil is delivered, stored-on-site fuel that does not rely on the electrical grid
  • Oil is provided and supported by locally owned, family-run businesses like Surner Heating whose jobs and livelihoods will be threatened
  • Oil offers affordable, reliable heat that you can trust
  • Your current heating equipment runs on fuel oil and would need to be converted to electricity, costing you and investment that could reach tens of thousands of dollars

All of these benefits would be lost if the Clean Heat Standard was imposed statewide. But it’s not too late!

Act Now & Ensure Your Voice Is Heard

Until the Clean Heat Standard is enacted, you can still purchase home heating fuel and run your HVAC equipment as you always have. If the standard is enacted, things may change significantly. Your voice needs to be heard! If you feel passionate about retaining your freedom when it comes to your energy choice, you must act now. Use the form on this page to email your local state representatives to let them know you are opposed to enacting the Clean Heat Standard in Massachusetts.