Oil Tank Replacement

Surner Heating Co. provides reliable fuel oil delivery, equipment installation, and heating services to our valued customers in the Hampshire and Franklin County areas of Massachusetts—but our oil services don’t stop there. You need a place to store that heating fuel when it arrives at your property, so we’re pleased to offer long-lasting oil tank installations, too. This page dives into detail about what you can expect when you get an oil tank installation or replacement from our team.


Oil Tank Installation

Whether you need an oil tank installed in a new construction area or are switching to oil for the first time, we’d be honored to be your chosen installation team! Surner Heating’s highly qualified and experienced energy experts would be pleased to install a heating oil storage tank that will meet your preferences and specifications. Get in touch to discover the size and model of the heating oil tank that may work best for your Massachusetts property.


Oil Tank Replacement

Heating oil tanks last a long time but not forever. If you start to notice any of the following signs of age and wear, it may be time to contact Surner Heating for a safety inspection and potential oil tank replacement:

  • Dark, “wet” spots on the bottom or sides of your tank
  • Significant rusting on the tank or its accessories
  • Faulty or broken tank legs
  • Tank gauge that reads unreliably or inaccurately

Simply call Surner Heating for a quote on your new tank installation, and we’ll get an appointment on the calendar to replace your home heating oil tank to reduce your risk of an oil leak and costly environmental cleanup.


Check Your Oil Feed Line

Does the thin tube connecting your oil tank to your heating system have a coating on it? If the bare copper feedline is buried within or touching your concrete basement floor, your home could be at risk of line degradation and oil leakage. Fortunately, the fix is simple and affordable. Contact us for a feedline replacement and get your system up to code!


Tips to Extend Your Tank’s Lifespan

  • Keep it full of oil during the off-season (prevents internal corrosion)
  • Remove items from around the tank, so it has space to ventilate
  • Visually check your oil tank periodically for dark splotches and rusting
  • Have an annual heating system tune-up performed to inspect your tank