Automatic Propane Delivery

Do you ever get tired of checking your propane tank gauge? Or do you ever check it and realize you were lower than you thought? Running out of fuel can be dangerous and very uncomfortable especially on a cold night. That’s why you should depend on Surner Heating for automatic propane delivery for your Massachusetts home.

Trust Surner Heating for Automatic Delivery

We can take ordering propane off your hands with our automatic delivery program. Forget the guesswork of trying to figure out when you’re due for your next delivery. Our special formula using degree days and usage history will let us determine when to deliver propane to you.

We’ve been taking care of customers for more than 50 years, and you can count on Surner for all of your home fueling needs.


Why Sign Up for Automatic Propane Delivery?

  • Total Convenience: You can count on Surner to deliver your fuel when you need it. With our efficient monitoring system, we’ll keep track of your fuel usage and schedule deliveries accordingly.
  • Smarter Spending: Signing up for automatic delivery will help you make the most of your propane budget because we deliver only when you need fuel. When you get more effective fill-ups that translates to more effective spending, which means lower annual energy costs.
  • Improved Protection: Running out of propane can be dangerous and can cause significant damage. Don’t take this unnecessary safety risk. When you sign up for automatic propane delivery, you minimize the risk of a no-fuel emergency. You can always count on Surner to make sure your tank is full.

You can enroll in our automatic propane delivery program by contacting us today.

Surner Heating propane bobtail truck