Commercial Fuels

Choose Surner Heating for all your commercial fuel delivery requirements. Our local storage facilities and our fleet of delivery trucks ensure a ready supply of fuel to satisfy all your needs in Western Massachusetts.

Diesel Fuel

Surner offers premium on-road (clear) and off-road (dyed) diesel fuel delivery for use by haulers, farmers, contractors, trucking companies, excavators, service fleets, and anyone else needing diesel fuel. Whether you need fuel for permanent tanks at your own facilities or for skid tanks and equipment on the job site, we’re at your service. Our high-quality on-road and off-road diesel fuels are weather-adjusted to ensure trouble-free operation of your equipment all year round.

Call us when you need commercial fuel, or we’ll set up a regular, automatic diesel fuel delivery schedule if that fits your operation better.  With Surner Heating, you get premium quality products and premium service at very competitive prices for your business.

line of surner fuel trucks