How to Decide on a New Air Conditioner in Massachusetts

Is your air conditioning system in need of an upgrade? You might be looking for a means to a more comfortable home, a way to put your tax return or stimulus check to good use, or a good replacement for your old A/C system. Never fear—Surner will serve you! We can help you with energy efficiency while saving you money by upgrading your A/C system. Allow us to inform you about central vs. ductless air conditioning systems to determine what’s best for you.

A Quick Run-Down on Central vs. Ductless A/C Systems

In Massachusetts, air conditioners are crucial to keeping your home comfortable in the summer. But how should you and your family choose between a central or ductless unit? Both have their benefits! Surner’s team of experts can help you choose which can best suit your home and your budget.

Central A/C vs. Ductless A/C: What’s the Difference?

Though similar in that they both cool your home well, here are some differences between central and ductless mini-split A/C systems:


  • The ability to cool your entire home
  • Fluid airflow
  • Needs ductwork for functionality


  • Cooling for specific rooms or the whole home
  • The ability to also provide heat!
  • Does not need ductwork for functionality

The Low-Down on Choosing an Air Conditioner for Your MA Home

Buckle up! It’s important to know that air conditioners have two major parts: a condenser, to pull warm air into the home from outdoors, and an evaporator, an air handler to flow cool air throughout the home. While both units hold these parts, the main difference is that:

  • Central air conditioning needs only one evaporator to flow cool air through each room of the home.
  • Ductless air conditioning works with one or multiple evaporators connecting to a condenser outside the home to cool individual rooms.

Which Type of Air Conditioner Should You Choose?

The best thing about both of these A/C systems is that both have reliable functionality, so the risk of malfunction is slim. You won’t go wrong with either choice; however, Surner can help you make the most efficient choice to best suit your home and your budget.

For a free quote and a consultation for your new air conditioning system, give us a call at (413) 253-5999 or contact us online. We can’t wait to make your Massachusetts home cool and comfortable this summer!