Stress-Less Heating with Automatic Delivery in Western Mass

Here in Massachusetts, fall has finally arrived.  If  you’re a homeowner, you might already wonder how you’ll manage the upcoming heating season. Between working all day, making dinner, doing chores, helping the kids with their homework, packing lunches, and trying to find a little time for yourself, you might want to lighten the load. We have good news–customers of Surner Heating can sign up for automatic fuel delivery. Let us take your winter heating off your hands, so you have one less concern.

What Is Automatic Oil Delivery?

We take managing your heating oil deliveries off your hands when you’re enrolled in automatic delivery. We monitor your tank, predicting when you will need your next refill based on degree days, your heating preferences, and your household size.  You’ll neither need to place orders and schedule deliveries around your busy schedule nor stay home for us to deliver. There are no downsides to automatic heating oil delivery.

Why Sign Up for Automatic Oil Delivery in Western Mass?

  • Stress-Less Heating: When it comes to getting on-time oil deliveries, you can count on having an easy, worry-free heating season, allowing you to spend more time on what’s important to you.
  • Better Savings: We give you only as much fuel oil as you need when we deliver–neither more nor less. We deliver only when you need a refill. You’ll notice cost savings on your fuel budget thanks to more efficient oil fill-ups.
  • Improved Protection: Running out of heating oil or propane can cause significant damage and unnecessary safety risks. Customers can minimize the likelihood of a no-fuel emergency by signing up for auto-delivery. Trust Surner Heating to keep your oil tank filled.

Sign up for Automatic Oil Delivery Today with Surner Heating

Surner Heating is happy to provide automatic oil deliveries for our Western Massachusetts customers. Enrolling in automatic delivery is easy! Just get in touch with us online–we’ll walk you through the process. You can also call us at (413) 773-5999 (Greenfield) or (413) 253-5999 (Amherst). At Surner, your comfort is our priority.