Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Residential Water Heater in MA

Are you sometimes suffering through not-so-hot showers after a long day? Has your water heater seen better days? If your answer is an absolute yes—even a maybe—it may be time to upgrade your water heater! By upgrading to a new high-efficiency unit, you could save a lot of time, money, and hassle. Invest in your Massachusetts home by upgrading to a high-efficiency water heater, and give your family the comfort they deserve. Your water heater is one of the few appliances you rely on year-round, so it’s important to invest in a unit that will deliver the home comfort you need.

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Water Heater

Why should you upgrade your water heater? The benefits are endless!

1. Upgrade in Energy Efficiency & Eco-Friendliness:

Energy efficiency goes a long way in helping you save cash. In addition to using less fuel, you’ll significantly cut down on environmental emissions.

2. Save Money on Oil or Propane Fuel:

Whether you use heating oil or propane to heat your home, you’ll save more when your water heater burns fuel efficiently. Your decrease in fuel consumption will be a long-term price reduction strategy that will make managing your home comfort budget much easier.

3. Reduce the Risk of Costly Repairs & Breakdowns:

Older systems must be serviced more frequently. Like any aging piece of technology, it will suffer more breakdowns and need more repairs and part replacements as time goes on. With a new high-efficiency water heater, you’ll save money with the reduced risk of breakdowns, and you’ll get more predictable home comfort bills.

Massachusetts Home Comfort Upgrades from Your Local HVAC Experts

Surner Heating has the expert technicians and dependability you expect when it comes to water heater installations. We can install, service, and maintain your new water heater for years at an affordable cost to you. Contact us when you’re ready to upgrade your water heater!