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How to Find the Heating Oil or Propane Company That Is Right for You

If you live in Massachusetts, chances are you have shopped around for the best heating oil and propane company in your area. It might be appealing at first to go with a big-name corporation, but in the long run, you will get the most value from a local energy company that you can really count […]


Benefits of Automatic Heating Oil & Propane Delivery in Massachusetts

Winters in Massachusetts call for an ample supply of propane or heating oil fuel to keep your home warm and safe. That’s why at Surner Heating, we offer automatic delivery of heating oil and propane. If you’re not enrolled in this fantastic service, it’s time to make a change! Check out the many benefits of […]


5 Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your MA Furnace or Boiler

The winter season is quickly approaching, and that means that Massachusetts residents will rely on their oil or propane furnace or boiler to work nonstop for six months or more. That type of annual strain is significant on an HVAC system, and chances are you could save money each year by investing in a high-efficiency […]