What You Need to Know About Surner Heating’s Budget Plans

Are you a fuel delivery customer in the Massachusetts area who’s in need of reliable and reasonably-priced fuel? We thought so! The warmer months may just be getting started, but seasons come and go before we even realize it. We know this to be especially true here in New England. This makes now the perfect time to plan ahead and start saving. Because of this and the inconsistencies surrounding the heating fuel oil and propane market, we’ve developed programs as a way to ease heating costs for our customers.
Heating Budget Plans

Payment Plans We Offer

Budget Plans

This year, we offer a heating fuel budget plan for oil and propane customers, which creates a sense of convenience and certainty. How does it work? We’ll estimate how much oil or propane you will use during the heating season, multiply it by the appropriate price, and then divide it by 11 months.

Our heating fuel payment plan has many benefits. The most significant is that it allows you to make equal and predictable monthly payments over the course of the year, rather than having one large sum at the time of delivery. To put it simply, you can skip the worry of opening a big heating bill during the peak winter months.

Oil customers get one additional benefit with our budget plan—downside protection. Downside protection is like a ceiling without a floor. For just a small monthly fee, you never end up paying higher than your predetermined cap price per gallon. If market prices drop, then all you do is save!

Pre-Pay Plans

If you’d like to lock in a low rate for your oil or propane fuel payment, you can do so with our pre-pay plans! These convenient plans allow you to pay upfront for your expected oil or propane usage and get deliveries whenever you need them. Get your payments out of the way before the season even begins. Simply contact us and ask for the Fixed Price Plan.

Not interested in locking into a fixed price? No problem! Our Discount-Off Market Plan bills you 15¢ lower than the daily market rate. We’re committed to providing you with reliable services that fit your home comfort budgeting needs and preferences.

Ready to Enroll in a Heating Oil or Propane Payment Plan?

We know how quickly the cooler months can approach us, especially as we enjoy the warmer seasons. By signing up for a payment plan in advance, you’ll save yourself some money and the stress of making a high payment on the day of heating oil or propane delivery. We’re all about making our customers comfortable, whether that be keeping their homes warm during the winter months or with a savings plan such as these ones.

Contact us and let us know you’re ready to enroll so you can rely on predictable and affordable monthly fuel payments. Our customer service representatives are highly trained and ready to set you up. Let’s start saving!