Spring into Savings with 3 Energy-Reduction Tips

Homeowners living in Hampshire and Franklin Counties are probably spending more time outside recently, enjoying the pleasant transition to spring and warmth. With winter wrapping up, it’s time to start thinking about how we can shift to the next season and save on comfort and oil at the same time. Spring into savings this year with Surner Heating’s top energy saving tips.

Top 3 Energy Savings Tips for Western MA Homeowners:

1. Schedule Your Heating Tune-Up

The most important thing you can do to keep your heating system working smoothly is schedule an annual tune-up. One yearly preventative maintenance appointment will boost efficiency and catch any small issues before they become large problems. Your furnace or boiler just worked hard all year long: take good care of it so it’s ready for the next cold season.

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2. Seal Any Gaps in Windows & Doors

Using caulk or weatherstripping on your windows is a great way to keep your home the temperature you want it. Spring has a wide range of weather, so protecting your wallet and your fuel tank against leaky windows will result in more controlled and predictable home comfort. Plus, you won’t be paying to heat or cool the whole neighborhood, like your parents used to say if you left the door open!

3. Turn Your Wash or Rinse Cycle to Cold

Don’t forget that your laundry appliances use hot water too, unless you set your wash and/or rinse cycles to cold. Studies have found that cold water actually preserves colors and fabrics better than hot or warm water, so experiment with temperatures the next time you run your washer and dryer. You may be pleased with the results it provides to your wallet and wardrobe.

Need Help with Spring Energy Savings?

Surner Heating would be pleased to help! We perform heating oil delivery, propane delivery, heating services, air conditioning services, payment plans, and more. Contact us today if you’d like to request a fuel delivery, schedule your heating tune-up, or learn more ways to cut back on energy over the year. Surner Heating’s team of energy experts would be more than pleased to assist you!