Automatic Oil Delivery in Massachusetts

Many Massachusetts home heating oil users place fuel refill requests manually throughout the cooler seasons. If you ever wish there was a more convenient method to request your fuel oil deliveries, we have good news for you! Surner Heating customers prefer the peace of mind that comes with our automatic oil delivery service.

Our team eliminates the inconvenience of monitoring your own fuel gauge or guessing when you should request a heating oil delivery. We consider the outside temperatures, your past usage, equipment efficiency, and other factors to ensure that your fuel oil deliveries are timely and efficient. Contact us today to enroll in our automatic oil delivery service for no extra charge.


surner heating oil truck


Why Sign up for Automatic Oil Delivery in Western Massachusetts?

Scrambling to order oil before a big storm or below-freezing temperatures is inconvenient, stressful, and unnecessary. Instead, there’s a simple solution: automatic fuel oil delivery. This convenient feature is one of the best innovations in Massachusetts home energy. Signing up for auto oil delivery offers the following benefits to your property:

Complete Fuel Oil Delivery Convenience

What’s the reason for placing fuel oil delivery requests manually when you can enroll in automatic fuel oil delivery? You have other things to think about; let us handle your home heating fuel oil deliveries.

More Efficient Oil Tank Fill-Ups

By having your fuel delivered automatically, you won’t fill it more often than necessary. Getting fill-ups on a professional schedule will fill your tank when it starts to get low.

Security and Peace of Mind

Don’t rely on your memory to heat your home. Set up automatic delivery and cross “Order Oil” off your to-do list for good. Your family will thank you for it, and so will your home maintenance to-do list!


Take Advantage of Surner Heating’s Convenient Services

Our home comfort services include comprehensive home heating and fuel delivery assistance. Want to sign up for our automatic oil delivery service for total convenience? Get in touch with the Surner Heating team today!